a wallet story

Per your request, Amanda, here are the wallet details…

I had a ton of fun making wallets as our “handmade gift of the year” for Christmas 2011. I used the same pattern each time, but the wallets look so unique because I used a different fabric combination for each. Wrapping the wallets was so exciting that I forgot to take pictures of them first. I’m bummed about that! The one pictured above I made for myself at the beginning of January.

I am grateful for a detailed and spot-on tutorial from Liz over at Confessions of a Fabricaholic. This was my first time with zippers, interfacing and magnetic snaps. They turned out so well that I even gave away the first one I made – when does that ever happen? The checkbook cover (not pictured here) is based on Small Fry & Co‘s version.

A few notes for those brave souls wanting to sew a wallet and/or checkbook cover:

  • I used Pellon 809 for the interfacing and it was a great weight. A tried a medium weight, but it just wasn’t sturdy enough. Pellon 809 is sold by the yard at fabric and craft stores. Hobby Lobby DOES carry it, even if they tell you that they don’t (and you end up finding it there three weeks later after going across town to another fabric store to purchase it). Just sayin.
  • I chose to use a magnetic snap. I think it works well with the pattern, you just need to add the snap pieces before sewing the “snap tab” together.
  • Imperfections are part of life. Embrace them and enjoy your wallet, as perfect {or imperfect} as it may be!

3 thoughts on “a wallet story

  1. Amanda Hays says:

    I love it! Thanks so much. I’ve never even thought about making a wallet but yours is too cute!

  2. Kari says:

    That is so cute! Ross and I have been doing some no sew fabric projects, so if you have any ideas for those…. 🙂

    • tjasonandamy says:

      I have been making some fabric wall panels that can be “no-sew”… I will take pictures and put together a post about it. I’d love to hear what projects you and Ross have found!

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